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“She’s Got Hips” Podcast Episode #7

LISTEN HERE: SGH Episode 7 (April 2011)

Final installment of the interview with “The Costume Fairy” aka Rukshana aka Gail Wolfenden-Steib on costume maintenance, post-show cleaning and storage, caring for silk veils and… pins! ¬†Review of Sadaqah’s self-titled CD, event news and more.


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“The Costume Fairy” Rukshana Raqs website

Daily Bellydance Quickies

Jenn Shear at the Grisly Pear April 10th

Mahin’s Teacher Feature Night – May 7th

MECDA’s Cairo Caravan – June 3-5th

Levant al Sonora’s Desert Shakedown – Oct. 8th



Sadaqah’s Homepage

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“She’s Got Hips” Podcast Episode #6

Part II of our interview with “The Costume Fairy” aka professional costumer, Gail Wolfenden-Steib on prepping new costumes for long, trouble-free wear and best costume choices for theatrical stages. 3 ways to increase grace and fluidity in your dance – an answer to a “Daily Bellydance Quickies” subscriber question, events, a look at digital dance life online and more!

SGH Podcast Episode #6

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“She’s Got Hips” Podcast – Episode #5






SGH Episode #5

Episode #5: Interview with Rukshana aka “The Costume Fairy” with advice on buying bellydance costumes in person and online – what can be fixed and what’s a deal-breaker. Review of “Looking for Little Egypt” by Donna Carlton, event news, and Greek music from Cosmos.

Links from this episode:

“Looking for Little Egypt” by Donna Carlton

Music from Cosmos – Mediterranean Fusion band

The “Daily Bellydance Quickies”


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She’s Got Hips Podcast – Episode #4

SGH Episode #4
In this episode:
Interview with Morgiana on her nearly 40 years teaching and performing bellydance, review of Middle Earth Ensemble’s CD “Passage”, a report from the International Bellydance Conference of Canada in Toronto, and upcoming event news.
Show Links

Middle Earth Ensemble

Fat Chance Bellydance Intensive

Cool Summer Workshops in Flagstaff
Fall Festival of Music & Dance

Completely Classics
One with the Music

Arab-American Festival

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Daily Bellydance Quickies

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She’s Got Hips Podcast Episode #3

LISTEN HERE : Yasmina of AZSGH Episode #3

Interview with Yasmina on her bellydance journey from cabaret to tribal fusion and her adventures in between.

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