From the Arabic Top 10 – June 2014: “Kboush El Touti” by Hadi Daou

June 2, 2014 2 Comments

This month’s pick from the Arabic Top 10 is actually a remake by Hadi Daou of a popular song from over 20 years ago.  The original version of “Kboush El Touti” (also known as “La Thezzi Kboush El Touti”)  was recorded by Melhem Barakat, a Lebanese singer and songwriter.  This song is actually a funny and light song with a dabke-type feel.  According to my trusty native translator, the song is well-known and popular among Arabs, and since it’s dabke-friendly, would make a nice fun addition to a party playlist for getting the guest up to dance.

The title “Kboush El Touuti” translates to “Don’t Shake Your Leaves”. According to the DBQ’s translator, this is slang that could refer to breasts or butts – the singer has never explained himself on record.  My source referenced discussion on Arabic language sites for the slang meaning of the title. Although popular, this singer had a reputation for being a bit off-color sometimes. However, I’ve been assured that an Arab audience would not find the song offensive and would most likely enjoy it!


“Kboush El Touti”

I am a married family man and won’t love you even if you die.
Don’t seduce me to smell flowers and don’t warm me up because I love cold.
I am a tough peasant (farmer) and not from the city.
The girl who loves a man doesn’t stand and wait for him in the road.
You are still young, go home.
I am quite a happy man and am going home tomorrow.
I am used to eat very well and a little biscuit won’t make me full.*
(*This means: you are too modern a girl for a simple tough guy like me)

Watch the remake on this week’s Arabic Top 10 chart:


Watch the original by Melhem Barakat:


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  1. Isabel Asra
    July 1, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    Cute! Any leads on where I can purchase a download or cd? I don’t see it on Amazon, iTunes, Maqam or Hollywood Music…Thanks!

    1. Mahin
      July 1, 2014 at 3:14 pm

      Yes, it’s hard to find the very newest songs for download. I’m always working on how to get a source for those – that aren’t an Arabic language site. :-7


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