From the Arabic Top 10 – March 2014: “Same3ni Sawtak”

March 2, 2014 1 Comment

For several months now, I have run a monthly feature of a danceable pick from the Arabic Top 10 chart on the Daily Bellydance Quickies. Often I am able to get a translation, or at least a rough paraphrasing of the lyrics, for these new songs from native Arabic speakers. It is very important to have at least a basic understanding of a song’s mood and general idea if you plan to perform to it – whether you think the audience can understand it or not.

This month’s Top Ten pick is “Same3ni Sawtak” by Nader El Atat. The title translates to “Let Me Hear Your Voice.” This is a sad love song. The singer is lamenting that the woman he loves pays no attention to him. You will find some of the lyrics below. The imagery here is very dramatic, almost grotesque and violent, but that is the way of Arabic poetry. As westerners, we don’t necessarily associate this kind of language and ideas with “love songs”, but an Arab will tell you that this is not unusual – so don’t be put off by the intensity of the lyrics.

Musically, this song offers a little more to chew on than most pop. It has more interesting phrasing and almost a Saidi-esque feeling in parts. Yeah, I’ll dance to that!

“Same3ni Sawtak” / “Let Me Hear Your Voice”

If people hurt you, do not care
I will give you 8 of my ribs and my blood
I will even join my veins to yours if you need it
Let me hear your voice
Scream at me and make me cry
Don’t stay quiet – your silence horrifies me
No need to act like you miss me, we live in a world where people screw each other
Tell me if you carry a knife so I can prepare myself for the stab
Get strong and slice. I am expecting that end anyway
I will kiss your hands even if you slice me

What do you think of this song? Tell us in the comments below…

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  1. Brenna
    March 3, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    i would say its most definitely modern, hehe. but it is very touching and sad


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