Online Belly Dance Lessons

The BDQ can come to YOU…
Study with Mahin in the comfort of your own living room!


One-on-one private instruction on the topic of your choice
– all you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

What would YOU like to learn?

  • Custom drill practice
  • Strength & Stretch coaching for your dance needs
  • Expert zills instruction for all levels
  • Choreography support & critique
  • Props & Folkloric Styles
  • Custom choreography by Mahin to your music!*


Pricing & Packages

60 min Lesson….$45.00      30 min Lesson…. $30.00
3 Lesson Package -60 min each….$110 (use within 8 weeks of purchase)


  1. Purchase your lesson or package with the PayPal button below.
  2. Mahin will contact you to set an appointment and discuss your lesson topic.
  3. You will receive a WebEx meeting invitation for your appointment time.

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