What Beginners Should Practice & Study Outside of Belly Dance Class

November 13, 2014 0 Comments

This is the latest installment in the occasional series, “Raks Me A Question” where I answer bellydancers’ questions about learning, teaching, performing or doing business in Bellydance Land. If you’ve got a dilemma, an obstacle you haven’t found your way around or a sticky situation and you’d like some advice – just send it in ! You may find your answer in the next installment of “Raks Me A Question”!


You’re new to belly dance and totally hooked! The jingly coins, the pretty silk … the fun haflas! One hour of class just isn’t enough and you want to learn it ALL. What’s a baby belly dancer to do? I’ve actually had several enthusiastic new students who are DBQ subscribers write in with variations of this same topic. Today I’ll  share some ideas and ways to structure your dance education outside of class  – without getting overwhelmed.

Get ready to take some notes, students!


 How have you organized your out-of-class practice at any level? Share your ideas in the comments below….

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Professional instructor and performer of Middle Eastern belly dance, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and author or the “Daily Bellydance Quickies”. Belly Dance Artrepreneur, Workshop instructor, performer, event producer, and bellydance writer.

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